Meet the Team

Meet our team of leaders, visionaries and creative solution-providers.

– the driving force behind our organization. We believe that the people building a company are just as important as the products and services they offer. Get ready to meet the brains behind the brilliance!

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Vincent Longtin
Common Energist Officer (CEO)
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Benjamen Simon
President Chief Growth Officer (PCGO) & Chief of Staff
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Troy Belmonte
Sales Director
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Maria Arevalo
Solar Operations Leader (SOL)
Tania Duarte
Director of Finances
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Rayanne Murta
Sales Director
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Scott Corbett
Sales & Operations Manager
Dave Halter
Media Curator (MC)
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Isabelle Kingsbury
Chief Flow Officer (Marketing)
Phelipe Lima
Director of Company Events (DOCE)
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Michelle Ashburn
Title Pending
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Dave Ragucci
Title Pending